REMIX MINI ANDROID PC - (Quad-sore, 16GB , 2GB RAM, Remix OS 2.0) + ViewSonic VA2719-sh 27''FHD + Logitech K400 Plus

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RM 1190.00

6 Month Local Manufacturer Warranty ( 1 to 1 exchange)

- 1.2GHz quad-core with 2GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage
- Up to 128GB expandable storage (Micro-SD )
- Remix OS 2.0 (based on Android 5.1 Lollipop)

3 Year Nationwide On-Site Warranty
ViewSonic VA2719-sh

1 Years Local Supplier Warranty
Logitech K400 plus

Product Category: Android PC

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The World's First True Android PC
Powered by Remix OS, Remix Mini allows you to work and play with the entire Android app ecosystem while taking full advantage of intuitive PC features such as a taskbar, multiple window multi-tasking, mouse and keyboard support,and so much more.

The power of touch
Remix Mini features a capacitive touch power button unlike any PC of its kind. Rather than awkwardly feeling around the back panel for that elusive power button, just gently tap the top of your Mini. Within seconds you'll be able to start doing what you need to do.

Size matters
But not in the traditional PC sense. While everyone else is spending top dollar for the latest and greatest hardware specs just to check their email and watch Youtube videos, we realized that there's SO much more to creating a great PC. Through its carefully engineered optimization of hardware and software, Remix Mini is able to undeniably live up to its motto: less can be more.

64-bits of effortless
Remix Mini is powered by the latest 64-bit chipset and delivers up to 20-30% better performance than its 32-bit counterparts. At the core of what makes this so special is actually what Remix Mini doesn't need you to do. You will never have to worry about whether you're installing the right bit version ever again. With Android, it all just works.

Less energy, more efficiency
The typical desktop computer clocks in at anywhere between 65 to 250 watts. Remix Mini gives you the same power of desktop computing at a mere 10 watts. By simply leveraging already existing power efficiencies found in mobile CPU architectures, Remix Mini is able to save you so much more in power without sacrificing anything in performance.


Processor : 1.2GHz Quad-core Cortex-A53(64-bit) Allwinner

Storage : 16GB

Memory : 2GB RAM

Video Support : H.265 4K hardware decoding  
                           4K HDMI output 
                           Support for 4K~2K resolution

Ports and Connections : Two USB 2.0 ports
                                           HDMI 1.4 port
                                           Ethernet port
                                           Headphone port

Connectivity  :  Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless networking compatible )
                           Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
                           Ethernet 10/100BASE-T Ethernet

Size : Height (2.6cm) x Length (12.4cm ) x Width (8.8cm)


6 Month Local Manufacturer Warranty ( 1 to 1 exchange)

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