Edifier H840 Noise-isolating headphones to tune out ambience - [Optional]

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RM 129.00
RM 90.00

1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty

- Hi-Fi over-the-ear headphones create powerful sound
- Comfortable to wear all day long
- Flip ear cup design ideal for travelling
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Product Category: Speaker & Headset, Edifier, Headphones

Pure Sound

Edifier’s H840 produces the best sound quality you could imagine from headphones. Calibrated and tuned by Phil Jones of Pure Sound, they provide a boasting acoustic experience.

Natural and real

Developed with an electro-acoustic unit on the basis of the coil, these Hi-Fi headphones provide life like sound. The carefully calibrated balance between treble and bass makes Edifier H840 the perfect entry level monitor earphones.

Adjustable fit

Wear your headphones all day without discomfort. Alter the headband to fit perfectly and securely on your head. Ergonomic design provides remarkable comfort from soft leather ear cups.


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