Toshiba (GENUINE) Laptop Charger PA3714E-1AC3 19V 3.42A - 65W

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RM 239.00
RM 98.00

1 Year Local Supplier Warranty

- Output current: 3.42 A
- Output voltage: 19 V
- Power: 65W
- Input voltage: 100~240V 50/60Hz (Universal)
- UK Power Cable included

Product Category: Computer Hardware


Universal AC Adaptor to power your notebook through your home or office electric socket. Toshiba´s Universal AC Adapters can be used anywhere in the world with the appropriate AC plug adapter.
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Toshiba Satellite L450 Series 
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3005-S403, 3000-S514, 3000, 3005-S504, 3005, 3000-S303, 3005-S303, 3000-S304, 3005-S304, 3000-S307, 3005-S307, 3000-S309, 3005-S309, 3000, 3000-S353

Toshiba Mini NB250 Series 
NB250-10Q, NB250, NB250-107, NB250-108, NB250-10G
Toshiba Satellite L35 Series 
L35, L35-S2316, L35-S2366
Toshiba Satellite 1200 Series 

1200-S121, 1200-S122, 1200-S252, 1200

Toshiba Portege M800 Series 
Toshiba Satellite L30 Series 
L30-10P, L30-11E, L30-140, L30-106, L30-10T, L30-10Y, L30-10H
Toshiba Satellite M55 Series
M55-S139, M55-S1391, M55-S139X, M55-S141
Toshiba Satellite L15 Series 
L15-S104, L15-S1041, L15-190, L15
Toshiba Satellite Z830 Series 
Z830-10T, Z830, Z830-10U
Toshiba Satellite Pro M40X Series 
M40X-136, M40X-244, M40X-112, M40X-129, M40X-122, M40X, M40X, M40X-128, M40X, M40X-166, M40X-135, M40X-260
Toshiba Libretto W Series
W100-107, W100-10D, W100, W100-106
Toshiba Satellite M30x series 
M30X-131, M30X-129, M30X-S1593ST, M30X-161, M30X-105, M30X-1592ST, M30X-167, M30X-134, M30X-S171ST, M30X-162, M30X-111, M30X-1593ST, M30X-143,
M30X-S181ST, M30X-115, M30X-163, M30X-113, M30X-148, M30X-S214, M30X-122, M30X-165, M30X-128, M30X-150, M30X-124, M30X-168, M30X-130, M30X, M30X-154, M30X-127, M30X-S1592ST, M30X-159, M30X-104, M30X
Toshiba Satellite C670D Series 
C670D-11H, C670D-13F, C670D-109, C670D-11J, C670D-146, C670D-114, C670D-11P, C670D-11R, C670D-110, C670D-108, C670D-10F, C670D-11K, C670D-10Q, C670D
Toshiba Satellite T230 Series 
T230-10J, T230-12Q, T230, T230-11P, T230-13H, T230


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