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How To Buy


We accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover for both Credit and Debit Cards (PAYPAL).

1) Go to Login/Register an account to become a IT Comp member before start your window shopping.



2) Select which product you'd like to buy. You may do use for the Search Bar to search the products that you want or browse through our store for your window shopping. 

search product


3)  Once you'd select the product, you will be able to select the Color or Model you'd like to buy in the product page. 

select color


4) Choose the Product Quatity you wish to purchase , and click the ADD TO CART button . 

choose quatity


 5) Once clicked, it will jump out a colume which you'd wish to 'Continue Shopping' or go directly to 'Show Cart' page.  

continue shopping


 6) You will brought to the Billing Cart , and you will need to fill up your information etc Name, Address, State & Contact. 

billing cart page

7) Second, TICK the button if your products are ship to the Recipient is actually same as the Buyer address.

 ship to same person


8) Otherwise, UNTICK the button and fill up with the information of the different Recipient address just to indicate us..

ship to other person


9) Third , you will be go into the Shipment which is designated. Then, you may go to select of the payment method . 
    - To select the payment method by using ipay88 Payment gateway , you will be brought to another screen page.

shpiment n choose payment 


10) Key in the Discount Code if you've got any promo code from our Estore.
    Last, you will be able to write down any comment to us and TICK the button to comfirm your purchase .

 comfirm purchase


11) When the payment process, you can pay with credit card by choosing the "Credit Card" , click Proceed and waiting awhile ...

ipay88 page 


12. Login your paypal account and you will need to click the Continue proceed your payment.

credit card paypal

paypal end

                                                                    Pay with Credit Card if you already have paypal account

13) YOU'RE DONE . We will receieve your order and will than proceed your order from here onward !