Paper Shoot Accessories - Croz Camera Bag - [ OPTIONAL COLOR ]

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What’s Included:
1- CameraBag
1- CameraStrap
1- FittingBag
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Product Category: Paper Shoot Accessories


Paper Shoot Camera

     Paper Shoot is originally from Taiwan and with distribution all over the world – USA, Europe, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines etc, and Paper Shoot is now available in Malaysia!

     Paper Shoot is an environment friendly, stylish and self-assembly Digital Lomo Camera with a switchable casing made of stone paper material that is recyclable, durable, oil, tear & water-resistance.

     In terms of design and size, Paper Shoot designed with an identical size of cassette tape which is portable and significance. Meanwhile, Paper Shoot has the patent right of the design & size of cassette tape size in Taiwan, United States and China. 

     Paper Shoot is a creative product and designed to be simple & easy to function! There are four built-in Lomo Effects that automatically adjust to lighting conditions which are Normal, Black and White, Sepia and Blue.

Croz bag 1 copy

Croz bag 2 copyClassic yellow 2 copyModern grey 2 copy


1- CameraBag
1- CameraStrap
1- FittingBag

Product Size and Weight:


Length: 138mm

Width: 88mm

Thickness: 20mm

Weight: 21g


Length: 80mm

Width: 49mm

Thickness: 20mm

Weight: 10g


Length: 200mm

Width: 10mm

Thickness: 10mm

Weight: 6g

Package Sizeand Weight

Length: 180mm

Width: 146mm

Thickness: 30mm

Weight: 90g


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