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Why Choose Us ?

To fine tune the quality of e-Commerce Business , is a commitment to to build customer’s confident, to safeguard our customer to purchase their desirable gadgets at the most convenient and reliable way. 


Shopper’s Task               :  Sit Back, Relax & Wait For Your Parcel  Task  : Free Shipping On Us *

 “Great to shop , Hate to carry”

No worries, leave the task to us. As a token of appreciation of support to, let us take care of the shipping for you. You move your finger, we move your parcel to your door step, all* on Us, as long as you are located in the place call Malaysia. For more information on our Free Shipping & Delivery policies, Click here .


self collect

In-Store Self Collection, let us say “Hi” to you

Shopping with, Options is part of our creation, therefore we let you make the call. Can’t wait for an instant touch on your desirable gadgets, our Online Team is happy enough to get ready your new “Buddy” for you to pick it up during our retail hours .
10.00am to 10.00pm Daily* is the time for you to drop by and give a smile to our Online Team. We promised you, we will grant you back with a big smile.
Click here for further self-collection policies. 


local warranty

Ease your mind, solve your pain 

Here in, we sell nothing Other than 100% genuine product & provide 100% local warranty that’s our commitment. Our Helpdesk Team is always ready to assist either in person or by call to ease your Warranty & Technical Issues. By far mean, happy customer leads to happy Us. Click here to learn more about our Warranty & After Sales Services policies.